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Web Designing

At Orion Aliance we understand that having a distinguishing web identity is important. You may want to have a web presence for a variety of industry specific branches, but the main aims always remain the same:

  • Being able to make a strong virtual presence of your website online for the target audience.
  • Elaborating different types of services, facilities and collaboration provided by your organization to attract, build, and sustain interest of your target audience.
  • Communicating the presence of the website and generating sustained interest among its target audience by regularly updating relevant content.
  • Being able to provide your customers a 24-hour live-wired communication channel and enhance the perception of your brand and service value in their minds.
  • Ensuring the solution developed recognizes and meets the unique requirements of your business.

A website offers you an excellent platform to communicate in real time, at a location convenient to your customer (clients, suppliers, general public whatsoever) and generate a well-focused interest in your offerings by means of the so-called first good impression. Not only can you let people know about your existence, but also encourage them to invest in you by means of adding interactivity and offering specific content to your visitors.

eBusiness in this case does not necessarily mean having a financial transaction online. In a very broad sense it is about a virtual market, an e-shop to your customers across the globe.

You can make the most of the eBusiness boom by having a website design that truly reflects your business personality, is cost effective and responsive to your traditional business model.

We have proven expertise required to build a successful web presence, which includes conceptualization, branding, esthetic design and dynamic development of web solutions custom designed using intuitive interface designs.

In line with your requirement, we provide you with the options of either designing a new website altogether or redesigning an existing one. Our process methodology for web designing is guided by our orientation to provide customer specific deliverables.

Our designers and developers team can offer the following features for your website:

  • innovative and visually attractive design concepts;
  • impressive, attention grabbing introduction;
  • creative website design;
  • simple, yet elegant and professional looks;
  • quick loading;
  • user friendly, content oriented navigation;
  • resolution compatibility;
  • easy updatability and expansion facility;
  • browser compatibility and accessibility;
  • search engine friendliness;
  • integration of various content and product information in HTML;
  • animation and Java Scripting for interactivity;
  • inquiry form for administration, member-registration, feedbacks/queries, etc.
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