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Here, at Orion Aliance, we have an extensive experience in web-based financial applications, complex back-office applications and legacy migrations, product engineering, and enterprise wide IT outsourcing management solutions. We have a strong team of engineers and architects working on translational projects on a Linux platform.

At Orion Aliance we use an iterative approach to project management, which breaks down large projects into smaller components thereby simplifying the task. We are committed to provide process transparency and high-quality products to our customers within the confines of their budget and schedules.

Our development model is an extension to this philosophy, whereby we employ a series of practices to ensure the same:

  • Our focus is on using iterative development and visual modeling in order to better manage your requirements.
  • We use component-based development, continual quality based verification and change control to provide you with a faster development life cycle and high-quality products.
  • We use modern software engineering practices to further our intent. Over time, the project goes through Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition phases.
  • Each phase contains one or more iterations where you produce an executable, but perhaps incomplete system (except, probably, in the Inception phase).
  • During each iteration we perform activities from several disciplines in varying levels of detail, and with each iteration we move towards a more specific execution of your requirements from the system.

We have adopted this process framework that resulted from long project experience. It is generic enough to be tailored to a wide variety of software products and projects, both in size and application domain, and it is centered on three areas - people, process, and tools or methods. We make conscious efforts to involve you throughout the development phase, so as to provide you a solution that suits your requirements completely.

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