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Linux has invariably become the most popular and after technology with the best net solutions being developed on what is called 'LAMP' - Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP. As the leaders in net-based development, we are presently one of the most experienced players in the LAMP. We have been working on LAMP since 2000 and today have the credit of delivering more than 150 small and medium-sized projects in the same.

Our competency in the above areas, however, does not restrict our usage of the other popular technologies, hence making us a one-stop, technology-neutral solution provider. We also deliver customized solutions in technologies others avoid - LDAP, GD Library, and many more. We meet the requirement of our customers and if there is a web-based solution that you are particularly seeking - we provide it to you without letting the choice of technology and programming platform become a constraint to quality deliverables.

Other technologies that we have proven expertise in are:

Database management systems:

Postgres SQL, LDAP Server



Java Based Application:

JSP, Java Servlets, Java Applets

Project management tools:

Rational ROSE, Microsoft Project, Smart Draw, VISIO


Perl, UNIX Shell Programming, GD Library

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