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Legacy to Web Migration Services

The major changes that the Internet has brought in the way information is processed, stored and served today is the Web Server and Web Browser. This has made governments, companies and other institutions across the world upgrade/migrate their Information and Software Systems supporting the client-server model to the web-based application architecture. This dynamic nature of the web as a convenient information vehicle for business transactions has made fast-paced development of web solutions vital.

Orion Aliance has gained the required expertise in seamless migration of legacy systems and client-server applications into web-based applications.

Wondering why shift to the web-based paradigm?

  • Because a web-based application is omnipresent every time, everywhere, and this is the only way to be in business.
  • It becomes easy to deploy the application on a central server and have multiple users access it, unlike the client-server architecture. This simply means: no more hassles to keep installing and upgrading client software.

We have proven expertise in migration of the existing systems to a technology platform of your choice, and we guarantee a continuity of your business logic in the migrated application. Our technology-neutral expertise lets you chose from the number of currently available technologies:






Cold Fusion



The above listed programming interfaces can be deployed on various choices of Database and Operating Systems based on the current needs and future scalability.

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