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Orion Aliance Ltd. brings in over 5 years of technology experience in the Internet Industry.

Since its foundation in 2000, Orion Aliance Ltd. has been focusing on the Internet Technologies and has been providing software solutions to domestic and overseas clients in the web arena through its operations.

Orion Aliance has successfully completed more than 150 small, medium and large scale projects, working in technologies viz. PHP/MySQL, Oracle & MSSQL, Cold Fusion, ASP, .NET & JAVA.

Having a strong technical background and understanding of the industry acquired through years of experience and commitment to customers, Orion Aliance has been able to devise the ability to give its clients all over the world an edge in terms of the innovation in approach, quality of the final solution and the turnaround time required to provide the same.

Today, we stand confident to provide you with any kind of solution you may need while interfacing with the web-software plug-ins, solution development, hosting or communication interchange.

Why Orion Aliance?

Our solutions have a faster turnaround.

A web based solution, like any other marketing tool, is ineffective if the turnaround time is too slow. With our global delivery system we offer our customers fast turnaround time.

We provide solutions that are economically priced.

Orion Aliance caters to a wide range of companies. Small-sized, medium range and high-end businesses find our services invaluable on account of their price competency & quality of the service.

Our solutions come with a longer shelf life and are upward compatible.

Like any other off-the-shelf product, a web-based solution has a life cycle. Fast technological changes and growing customer awareness make it inevitable to continuously reinvent the solution and extend its usability. Orion Aliance has acquired expertise in legacy migrations and in web-designing solutions that are upward compatible.

Our team guarantees you a professional, yet flexible outlook.

Our team is motivated by the will to provide you with those solutions that you desire. We have a professional outlook that ensures guaranteed returns on investments and faster deliveries. At the same time, we are flexible to customize our working style and our solutions according to your specific needs in order to ensure a high satisfaction index.

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